From Iowa Cornfield to Northeastern Forests: The Weiler Story

Weiler Forestry Knoxville Iowa Equipment Manufacturing Plant

From a small manufacturing plant in an Iowa cornfield to a trusted partner of loggers throughout North America and beyond, Weiler Forestry has come a long way since its start. “How did they do it?” you may ask. Check out the video above to hear from the CEO, Pat Weiler, on how the company grew to what it is today.

Utilizing customer feedback to improve machine designs has been a big factor in Weiler Forestry’s success. “If you listen more than you talk, generally, you’ll learn how to make your product better,” Pat Weiler explained. The Weiler team has visited countless job sites to get feedback from the people who rely on their machines every day so they can deliver a product that works for their customers’ specific applications. Working with Milton CAT and our customers, Weiler configured their machines for Northeastern conditions. The Northeastern knuckleboom loader configuration includes a circle saw, live heel, fuel-fired heater, and dual batteries. Feller bunchers from Milton CAT come with an artic start, rear cameras, additional batteries, and a vacuum pump. Nearly 100 improvements have been made to the wheel skidder design, including better visibility and operator comfort. In addition to making specialized configurations and design improvements to existing models, Weiler Forestry has released 19 new models, including a harvester and forwarder.

Weiler Forestry machines are designed, built, and tested in Weiler’s Iowa and Georgia-based manufacturing plants. Their in-house team of engineers fabricates most major machine components, allowing Weiler to control the quality, quickly react to customers’ needs, and roll out design improvements on the spot. Parts are also fabricated and stocked on-site, so the team can quickly fill orders to minimize downtime.

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