Maximizing Equipment Performance with CAT Filters

Caterpillar equipment filters

CAT filters are designed to provide your equipment with industry-leading protection, which enables top machine performance. Because of their quality and specifications, CAT filters need less repair work, resulting in higher uptime and more money for your business. From flow rates, to efficiencies, to fuel grades, filter design is based on the type of equipment the filter will be used in. While other filter brands are fit to general standards, CAT filters are designed for CAT equipment.

CAT Air Filters

Breathe easier on the job site with CAT air filters. They protect your equipment from dirt and pollutants in the air, which is essential for extending the life of its components and also for the health and safety of the operator.

Types of air filters Milton CAT offers:

  • Engine air filters
  • Cab air filters
  • Turbine precleaners

CAT Engine Oil Filters

CAT engine oil filters decrease contamination for a cleaner running engine. The filters fit your equipment perfectly to protect your equipment from abrasive particles. Tested based on wear rates, CAT engine oil filters showed a 35% increase in rod bearing life.

Types of air filters Milton CAT offers:

  • Standard efficiency
  • Advanced efficiency
  • Ultra high efficiency

Benefits of CAT air and engine oil filters:

  • Providing ultimate protection of engine parts and top-notch performance
  • Minimizing air-borne particles, resulting in a hygienic and pleasant operating environment
  • Allowing increased airflow with less restriction
  • Providing the lowest total cost of ownership when used in conjunction with other CAT filters, CAT fluids, and CAT S∙O∙S, as part of a complete system solution

CAT Hydraulic and Transmission Filters

Hydraulic filters are designed to maximize hydraulic oil cleanliness, meet expected oil change intervals, and provide top-quality protection. The key to extending your hydraulic component’s life is by reducing contamination and using the correct CAT filter. Compared to other hydraulic filters, CAT filters provide a 45% longer hydraulic pump life.

Types of hydraulic filters Milton CAT offers:

  • Standard efficiency
  • Advanced efficiency
  • Ultra high efficiency

Benefits include:

  • Capturing particles that would otherwise damage your hydraulic and transmission systems
  • Minimizing cold start by-pass while maintaining appropriate cleanliness levels
  • Maximizing savings when used with other CAT products

CAT Fuel Filters

CAT fuel filters protect your equipment from unwanted debris, like dust and rust, restricting fuel flow and diminishing engine performance. Choosing a filter other than a CAT one will wear down your key components faster, especially with fuel injectors.

Fuel filter types Milton CAT offers:

  • Primary fuel filters
  • Fuel water separators
  • Secondary fuel filters

Benefits include:

  • Capturing the smaller particles that do the most damage to fuel injectors, fuel pumps and other engine components
  • Removing nearly 100% of water from your fuel system
  • Acrylic beads to prevent bunching and spiral roving to increase stability
  • Utilizing a nylon center tube to prevent metal contamination
  • A seamless, molded end caps to eliminate leaks
  • Ensuring the most economical ownership costs possible.

Looking to make the switch over to a CAT filter? Check out our tool that cross references competitor part numbers and determines the CAT filter to match. As always, if you have questions, need help determining which parts are best suited for your equipment, or want to discuss purchasing options, please contact us.