Milton CAT and Industria Engineering Establish Full-Service Renewable Energy Division

MC2 Renewable Energy Services

Milton CAT Power Systems has partnered with Industria Engineering of Milford, MA, to create MC2 Renewable Energy Services, a full-service renewable energy division within Milton CAT.

Working as one integrated company, MC2 will leverage Milton CAT’s power generation and energy storage capabilities and Industria’s experience in constructing renewable energy projects to provide customers with innovative yet reliable solutions. Since its establishment in 2016, Industria has installed over 225 MWs of solar and energy storage for a variety of in-front and behind-the-meter applications.


MC2 solar farm project in Maine

MC2 began as an energy storage solutions provider and quickly expanded its capabilities to meet the needs of customers in the fast-growing industry of renewable energy. “Although we have seen significant change within the past few years, the renewable energy industry is expected to continue evolving. Having an in-house team of renewable energy experts enables us to support our customers however the industry changes,” MC2 Business Manager Mike Dickerson explained.

In addition to its energy storage offerings, MC2 will support customers through every stage of a renewable energy project. MC2 will collaborate with developers to engineer, procure, construct, operate, and maintain solar, wind, energy storage, microgrid, RNG, and hydrogen-fueled projects across the Northeast.

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