The Ins and Outs of Customer Value Agreements

Maintaining and repairing heavy equipment can be a daunting challenge for a business. But, with a Milton CAT Customer Value Agreement (CVA), you can maximize your equipment's productivity while reducing unnecessary costs and headaches. If you own heavy equipment and want to learn more about how a CVA can benefit your operations, keep reading.

What is a Customer Value Agreement?

A Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is a service agreement that allows you to maintain and repair your heavy equipment for a flat fee over the course of an agreed-upon period. With a CVA, all necessary maintenance and repairs are covered. This can save you time, money, and hassle, as you no longer need to worry about budgeting for unpredictable repair costs.  


Why Choose a Customer Value Agreement?

There is no doubt that keeping heavy machinery running smoothly and efficiently is essential for businesses in any industry. But, it can be difficult to manage repair costs when they are unpredictable or come with unexpected price tags. With a CVA, you can rest easy knowing you have an up-front agreement on all repairs and maintenance costs, making budgeting significantly easier.

In addition to providing predictable pricing, Milton CAT offers you access to the latest technology and expertise from highly-trained technicians. This allows you to remain competitive in your industry while ensuring your equipment remains in top condition. Furthermore, regular preventative maintenance ensures that expensive damage or breakdowns are avoided—saving you even more money over the long term.

Benefits of a Customer Value Agreement

The benefits of signing a CVA include:

  • Guaranteed fixed costs – With a CVA, you can easily plan and budget for all your equipment’s maintenance and repairs over time.
  • Increased uptime – Knowing that all necessary maintenance and repairs will be taken care of can help you increase your equipment’s uptime, resulting in higher productivity.
  • Reduced downtime costs – Unexpected repair costs can cripple any business’ budget. With a CVA, you can avoid unexpected downtime costs and remain profitable.

By signing a Customer Value Agreement with Milton CAT, you can rest assured that your heavy equipment will receive all the maintenance and repairs it needs, when it needs them. This will ultimately help you increase your productivity, maintain profitability, and serve your customers better.

What is Included in a Customer Value Agreement?

We understand that every business is different and has unique challenges. That’s why Milton CAT offers a variety of CVAs to meet your different needs, and you can reach out to us to learn about the different options available to you. All of our CVAs include:

  • Genuine CAT parts are delivered directly to you when you need them with flexible delivery options.
  • Access to the CAT app to track data like fuel burn, idle time, and maintenance alerts.
  • The CAT Inspect app, which logs your inspections and automatically shares the results with Milton CAT.
  • CAT All Access Pass with service updates, PM advice, and attachment information.
  • Different term and hour options to meet your needs.
  • Condition monitoring and automatic notification of upcoming service intervals.
  • Portability across all Milton CAT locations.

How Can I Sign Up for a Milton CAT Customer Value Agreement?

With an affordably priced Milton CAT Customer Value Agreement, you can expect your heavy machinery to remain in top condition. Signing up for a CVA is easy and hassle-free. Simply contact one of our experienced sales representatives, and they’ll walk you through the process. They can also answer any questions you may have about the agreement, pricing options, and more.