Weiler Forestry: Continuously Improving with Customer Feedback

Weiler Forestry, Milton CAT’s forestry equipment partner, stays ahead of the curve by listening to the people who matter most – their customers. Check out the video above to learn how Weiler Forestry is utilizing customer feedback to engineer strong, reliable machines that are better suited for the work ahead.

After the acquisition of Caterpillar Forestry in 2019, Weiler Forestry worked closely with customers to build upon CAT Forestry’s legacy. Weiler designs and manufactures all of their machines so they can control the quality, react quickly to customers’ needs, and roll out design improvements on the spot. Weiler’s engineering team regularly visits customers’ job sites to get feedback to drive design improvements. “If you listen more than you talk, generally you’ll learn how to make your product better,” CEO of Weiler Pat Weiler explained. With customer insights, nearly 100 improvements have been made to the wheel skidder design, including better visibility, operator comfort, and fuel efficiency. Working with Milton CAT and our customers, Weiler configured machines specifically for Northeastern conditions. The Northeastern knuckleboom loader configuration includes a circle saw, live heel, fuel-fired heater, and dual batteries. Feller bunchers from Milton CAT come with an artic start, rear cameras, additional batteries, and a vacuum pump. Tom Cushman, owner of Maine Custom Woodlands, purchased the first Weiler B458 feller buncher which was adapted from Caterpillar Forestry’s 521 model. “Generally in my career, I have not been the guy that wants to buy serial number one of any machine,” Tom explained. “But I had a lot of faith in the 521s and the updates that Weiler made. They took a good product and made it great.” In addition to making specialized configurations and design improvements to the existing models acquired from Caterpillar Forestry, Weiler Forestry has released 19 new models, including a harvester and forwarder.

If you want to learn more about the design improvements Weiler Forestry has implemented, contact your Milton CAT sales representative or complete the Contact Us form.